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How to Determine Estimated Benefits

If I am eligible for A&A pension benefits, how much might I receive?

Pension benefits are determined by (1) adding up your gross income from all sources; (2) adding up all monthly unreimbursed medical expenses; (3) subtracting your unreimbursed medical expenses and the standard VA deduction from your gross income. Steps (1) to (3) determine your countable income or IVAP. The last step: (4) take the maximum monthly pension benefit and subtract your countable income.

Estimated Pension Benefit = Maximum Pension Benefit Countable Income (IVAP)


Countable Income = Gross Income Unreimbursed Medical Expenses Standard VA Deduction


First, determine your gross monthly income:

Income Source Monthly Amount
Social Security $
U.S. Civil Service Pension $
Railroad Pension $
Other Pension $
Gross Wages $
Unemployment Compensation $
Worker’s Compensation $
Military Retirement $
Interest/Dividends (for example, interest income from a trust or annuity) $
Black Lung Benefits $
Other Monthly Income $
Total Gross Monthly Income $


Second, add up your monthly unreimbursed medical expenses (do NOT include expenses where you receive payment/reimbursement from your insurance company, Medicare, or Medicaid):

Expense Monthly Amount
Prescriptions $
Private Medical Insurance Premium $
Medicare Part C Premium $
Medicare Part D Premium $
Nursing Home or Assisted Living Fees $
Home Health Care costs $
Incontinence Supplies $
Total Monthly Unreimbursed Medical Expenses $


Third, deduct your monthly unreimbursed medical expenses and VA deduction from your gross income (this determines your countable income):


Gross Monthly Income: $
Monthly Unreimbursed Medical Expenses: $
Standard VA Deduction $
Countable Income $


Fourth, find the maximum monthly A&A pension amount and subtract your countable income. This determines the amount that you could qualify for:


Maximum Pension Amount: $
Countable Income $
Estimated Monthly Pension $


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