Our Services

Due to the nature of our organization and the services we provide, we can only assist indigent residents of Illinois.

Direct Referrals for Legal Issues

VLAS coordinates access to legal services for veterans through direct referrals to attorneys and legal aid organizations.

Some of the legal issues our referral network can assist veterans with include estate planning, elder law, family law, personal injury, debt collection, and criminal law matters.

Click the link below to search our attorney referral list.

Pro Bono Services for Veterans’ Benefits

By law, an organization or attorney cannot charge for assistance with initial applications for veterans’ benefits. VLAS coordinates access to pro bono services for clients that may be eligible for VA pension benefits. VLAS also coordinates access to legal services for clients seeking to appeal a denial of benefits or a denial of a claim for increased benefits through direct referrals to lawyers and legal aid organizations. 

Patriot Pooled Trust

VLAS is a co-trustee of the Patriot Pooled Trust with Marquette Bank.

The initial and annual fees for the Patriot Pooled Trust assist VLAS in continuing to benefit veterans through programs like our attorney referral service, financial assistance for veterans who need legal services, and support of other veterans’ legal aid programs and services.

Lawyers interested in the Patriot Pooled Trust, contact us.