Legal Counsel

Frank Hauenschild

Frank Hauenschild has been legal counsel for the Veterans’ Legal Aid Society since 2014. He is a sole practitioner based in New Lennox, Illinois focusing on elder law and guardianship. He’s a retired Harvey, Illinois firefighter, serving as a first responder for nearly 30 years. He’s also been involved in Honor Flight Chicago for over a decade.

“I’m bookended by veterans,” says Frank. “My dad was a World War II Army veteran and my son is an Iraq War veteran. Ironically, in the Vietnam draft, my number was 125, but they only pulled up to 124.”

“My dad rarely talked about his service in Europe. Since he passed, I’ve learned what he did and I owe him a debt of gratitude,” Frank says. “And when my son joined the Army he was actually working at the Pentagon during 9/11. He was uninjured.”

“So, I take my work for veterans at the Society seriously,” he says. “Part of my responsibility is safeguarding the funds in the Patriot Pool Trust. I find it rewarding because I’m able to help participants protect their assets without fearing loss of any benefits or misuse.”

“Many attorneys know about the Veterans’ Legal Aid Society because of the Trust,” says Frank. “So, I also field calls from other attorneys who are requesting information about our Patriot Pool Trust.”

“As legal counsel, I also review applications to be sure everything lines up,” he says. “If everything seems in line, I recommend approving it. If not, I deal with any questions or concerns.”

“I’m proud to be involved with the Veterans’ Legal Aid Society,” Frank says. “We are doing meaningful work.”