Board Member

Ruthie Barkus

Ruthie considers what she does a passion more than a job. She is focused on learning about your loved one so that she can narrow down the key criteria to help her find the right care options for your loved one. She carefully assesses all of her client’s needs, concerns, and preferences before recommending appropriate levels of care such as: Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, or In-Home Care. Ruthie wants to promote independence in her seniors as well as to ensure a good quality of life. She will assist you with the proper resources to make this happen.
Ruthie had to care for both her mother with dementia and also the complexities of post-stroke care with her mother-in-law. She is an avid advocate for Mental Health for seniors. She recognizes that we as a society have a Mental Health Crisis on our hands. Many of our seniors have been isolated and sedentary due to covid. Ruthie will work with her families, the doctors, and the communities to encourage mental health and physical therapy assessments. This is part of her approach to ensuring that the seniors have access to the resources that will keep them thriving in the “Golden Years!”