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 The Veterans' Legal Aid Society (VLAS) was founded to provide essential legal services for America's vets, surviving spouses, and families who need assistance in paying for out-of-pocket medical expenses. The VLAS aims to help those who fought for our freedom when they need it the most.

VLAS assists veterans and their families in applying for pension benefits from the Veterans Administration. Many veterans become disabled later in life, long after their military service has ended. VLAS specializes in pension benefits for nonservice-connected disabilities.

Often, seniors face daunting medical bills, nursing home expenses, assisted living charges, home caregiver fees,  and prescription drug costs. For a person relying on Social Security or a modest pension, these costs often exceed his or her income. Pension benefits from the VA can provide some extra funds to help pay for these costs.

Many veterans (or their widows/surviving spouses) are surprised to learn that they may qualify for assistance from the VA. The basic eligibility requirements for a veteran are 90 days of active military service, at least one day of service during wartime, no dishonorable discharge, limited income, high out-of-pocket medical expenses, and need for regular assistance from another person. 

For more detailed requirements, please click to Veteran Eligibility for A&A Benefits or Surviving Spouse Eligibility for A&A Benefits.

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