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VA Benefits

Active Duty veterans and surviving spouses are entitled to “maximum annual rates of improved pension” if they meet certain criteria.


Aid and Attendance Benefits in General
VA Aid and Attendance or Housebound benefits provide monthly payments added to the amount of a monthly VA pension for qualified Veterans and survivors.

If you need help with daily activities, or you’re housebound, find out if you qualify at:

Aid and Attendance Pension Rates for Veterans
To find out how much you and your spouse could receive in Aid and Attendance benefits, please visit:

Aid and Attendance Eligibility
To find out more about if you are eligible for Aid and Attendance benefits, go to:

VA Compensation Benefits
Disability Compensation is a tax-free monetary benefit for Veterans with disabilities that are the result of a disease or injury incurred or aggravated during military service. Compensation may also be paid for post-service disabilities that are related or secondary to disabilities that occurred in service and for disabilities presumed related to circumstances of military service, even though they may arise after service. For more information on if you qualify and how to apply, see:

VA Compensation Rates for Veterans
To find out how much compensation you might be eligible for visit:

To find out more if you are eligible for VA compensation, please go to:

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